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Al Theodore Cañazares is a registered nurse by profession but he also contributes articles to websites like, and on his own personal blog site, He started writing at a young age when his grandaunt honed him to "write his reactions" on events that transpired during those times. Having his own book is one of his goals but for the meantime, he says, writing informative and sometimes thought provoking articles are his ways of freeing himself of stress.

Thai Work Permit

Thai Visa and Thai Work Permit

It is commonly circulated in the internet that in order for a non-Thai national to get a Thai work permit, he must secure a non-immigrant visa at his home country…

Five Interesting Facts About Thailand

Five Interesting Facts About Thailand

Thailand is indeed known as the Land of Smiles. Rightly so because it has among the world’s best attractions, the best people and the well-respected and well-loved monarch. However…

Thailand Etiquette

Things You Need To Know About Thai Etiquette

Traveling to Thailand where customs and traditions are very strong increases the possibility of you transgressing from the culturally accepted practices of the country especially if you have not…

How to become Thai permanent resident

How to Become a Thai Permanent Resident

Thailand is often identified as a top tourist destination and rightly so because it plays host to among the world’s best beaches, has such unique history and culture and it is home to among the friendliest people.