Crimes in Thailand

Crimes in Thailand

Living in a foreign country can sometimes be frightening, especially if you pay attention to the news and watch movies. These paint a picture of life in Thailand that most foreigners living in Thailand don’t experience. Like any other country, Thailand has its problems with drugs, prostitution and other illegal activities but, generally speaking, if you don’t engage in any of that kind of criminal behavior yourself, you will be safe and probably won’t even see much of that type of activity out in the streets, unless of course you venture into the seedier areas of the cities.

Those places do exist in Thailand, but in general, the crime rate in Bangkok is lower than in most comparable American cities. Common sense should prevail, however, and you should take precautions and protect yourself and your belongings as you would anywhere else.


Crimes in Thailand:

Thai Zig Zag Scam :
Zig zag scam is a confidence trick where one is falsely accused of shoplifting, and then held by police or those claiming to be authorities until they pay a large ‘bail’ for the alleged theft.
Thai Tailor Scam:
The scam usually involves a friendly person approaching their chosen victim, offering quality tailor made clothes for cheaper than in department stores. The seller will claim to have an international export company that just opened. After paying up front, the buyer will receive an item made of polyester rather than the promised cashmere or other high quality thread
Prostitution in Thailand:
Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, although in practice it is tolerated and partly regulated. Prostitution is practiced openly throughout the country.
Lèse majesté in Thailand:
Lèse majesté, i.e. the crime of violating majesty, has been prohibited by the Law of Thailand since 1908. In 1932, when Thailand’s monarchy ceased to be absolute and a constitution was adopted, it too included language prohibiting lese-majesty.
Gem Scam:
A network of touts and con men present the mark with an opportunity to profit from buying discount gems from a jewelry shop. The mark is convinced that he can buy gems at duty free price and bring them overseas for a threefold or more profit. Through a network of helpers, each of whom tells the mark bits of information, the mark is guided to the jewelry shop.
Police Emergency Number: 191
Police Routine Number: 053-276-040
Tourist Police: 1155



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