Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

Thailand has something for everybody and the lower cost of living makes it possible to lead a more luxurious lifestyle than you could back home. Whether you enjoy a laid back round of golf or a night of dancing, there are affordable activities of all kinds. There are beautiful golf courses, parks for picnics, hiking and just enjoying the beautiful, lush countryside. There are many beautiful places to go in Thailand, whether you like the mountains or the beach or anything in between.

 Living in Thailand The rolling hills in the northern part of the country afford many opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country “four-wheeling” or even a trip into the jungle on the back of an elephant! The bright, sandy beaches and clear blue waters are ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and many other forms of water sports. Then there are the big cities. Bustling with activity, they can be exciting and fun, whether you like the “night life,” good shopping, the best dining experience, or even McDonald’s or a Starbucks-like coffee house called Black Canyon. Thailand is known for its international cuisine. You will find a different culinary experience on almost every corner, serving enticing and exotic dishes from almost any country: China, Japan, India, Mexico, Italy, France and more. American cuisine is also available in many restaurants and you can even find organic and health food in most places.

The true test of a good place to visit or live is the quality of its shopping. Thailand has two areas for shopping in any city or region: the tourist shops and the local Thai shops. Thailand is a great place to shop with its wide selection of Thai and Western goods and the opportunities to get the best buy with some good-natured haggling with Thai vendors. Bargaining can get you as much as 1/3 off the original price but the shop-owners get a little sensitive if you try for too much of a deal. Go for the bargain but don’t be insulting.

For women, retirement brings on the reality of advancing years and their effect on the body. Nothing soothes the agonies of aging for women better than a visit to a spa. Beauty treatments like massages, manicures, and facials are extremely popular in Thai¬land. You will get incredible service at almost any spa from experts at unbelievably affordable prices. Most women can afford to splurge on several treatments a week since something like a micro-dermabrasion ($120 for each treatment in the U.S.) can be found in Bangkok for only about $25.


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