Retirement in Thailand

Retirement in Thailand is an excellent time for learning and leisure. The country prides itself of its tropical climate, healthy Thai food, world-class Thai boxing and Thai massage, laid-back lifestyle, health and wellness and other sorts of recreational activities. In Thailand, you could enjoy the modern facade of a city life while taking a glimpse of the old and historical Thai culture. You could also enjoy the beauty of nature through island beaches and tropical rainforest.

If you are already 50 years of age or older and you would like to retire and spend your time in Thailand for a longer period of time, you can apply for a Thai Retirement Visa.

For the Retirement Visa, foreigners who are aged 50 and above are qualified. Eligibility also includes meeting the financial requirement of:

Saving account showing 800,000 THB deposited in a Thai bank account;

monthly income or pension amounting to THB 65,000;


combination of both (Bank Account + Income x 12 = THB 800,000

Applicants for Retirement Visa need to present the following documents:

  • A valid passport;
  • Evidences of meeting the financial requirement such as bank statement, letter from Social Security showing the amount of your monthly pension; or income statement legalized by your Embassy.

  • For the Retirement Visa process, you need first to get an initial visa application, a 90-day Non-Immigrant Visa from the Thai embassy in your country or in the country where you are a permanent resident. For your initial visa, you have to prepare the following requirements:

    • Passport,
    • Photos,
    • Embassy fee,
    • Copy of travel itinerary

You will use this visa to enter Thailand. Once you arrive in Thailand, you can open a bank account and deposit money. After 2 months you can request for a bank statement which you need to include in your Retirement Visa application. Then we will do a Visa conversion from your current 90-day non-immigrant visa to 1 Year Retirement Visa.


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