Thai Retirement Visa

The Non-Immigrant O-A visa, sometimes referred to as the Thai Retirement Visa, is a type of visa intended for foreign citizens who are 50 years of age or older and intend to retire in Thailand. The validity of this visa, which can be extended for an additional year, permits holders to stay in Thailand for up to one year.

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible for the Thai Retirement Visa:

1. Age: The candidate must be 50 years of age or older.

2. Financial requirements: The candidate must have at least 800,000 Thai Baht (about $25,000 USD) in a Thai bank account or 65,000 Thai Baht (about $2,000 USD) per month in income.

3. Health insurance: The applicant must be covered for hospitalization and medical care in Thailand by health insurance.

4. No criminal history: Neither in Thailand nor in the applicant’s home country may the applicant have a criminal history.

5. Passport: The applicant must possess a passport that is currently valid and has at least 18 months left on it.

6. The applicant must submit a visa application at a Thai embassy or consulate in their country of residence.

Owners of the Thai Retirement Visa are eligible to open bank accounts, buy homes, and apply for Thai driver’s licenses, among other advantages. Additionally, holders of the visa are permitted to remain in Thailand for an extended period of time, which is advantageous for those who want to live out their golden years there.

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