Land of Smiles

The Land of Smiles

Thailand has been called “The Land of Smiles” by many people who live here and many who visit this charming land.  The “Smiles” seem to come from a combination of the beautiful countryside, the laid-back, pleasant Thai people, the lower cost of living, a more relaxing pace, many opportunities for fun and entertainment at affordable prices, and the many other advantages of living in the exciting Orient. The country is full of enchanting and exotic locales that provide a wide variety of possible vacation or “get-away” spots.

The people of Thailand are gentle (shouting is considered to be very bad manners), fun-loving and easy to get to know. If you try to learn the language, you will endear yourself to them as they love to hear foreigners try to say their words.  The Thai people love having fun (sanuk).  They love to drink, sing, and especially eat. You don’t need to have an excuse to have a party in Thailand! Thailand Expats The Thais are a very welcoming people.  They will give you great service in stores and restaurants and they will be friendly, even though sometimes they don’t look like it.  Sometimes they are a little shy but a smile will usually break the ice and result in a return smile.

The Thai people love to talk to foreigners and make them feel happy to be in their country. Thailand, like the other countries in Southeast Asia, has a rich and exotic cultural heritage. There is so much to learn living in this region – from the religion to recipes. Along with the finest restaurants (which you’ll read more about later), there are many places to learn about the philosophy of Eastern religions like Buddhism and spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. Life is at a slower pace in Thailand as more people utilize transportation options like bicycles and small motorbikes instead of big, fancy, fast cars. Many people walk as much as possible or ride a bike; cars are rare as people tend to select a more peaceful way to get around.

With inflation on the rise and incomes, especially for retirees, either fixed or declining, people looking for a comfortable place to live at a minimum cost, have found Thailand to be an answer. With its low cost of living, Thailand is rapidly becoming a haven for retirees looking for just the right place to spend their last years. Here are some major benefits of retiring in Thailand.

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