Thailand Work Permit

Any foreigner is not allowed to work in the Kingdom of Thailand without securing a valid work permit. A work permit needs to be issued before a foreigner starts working. Work permit resembles a blue bank book and the holder needs to carry it at the workplace or while working for Immigration’s random checking.

Thailand work permit is given to a foreign employee in order to be able to work legally in the kingdom. This is also issued to employers to legally operate a business in Thailand.

For the process of the application for work permit, the foreigner needs to secure a non-immigrant “B” visa first at the Royal Thai Embassy from his home country or country of permanent residence. This has two purpose:

  1. a prerequisite of a work permit; and
  2. you need this visa in order to enter Thailand. Once this is granted, you are ready to fly to Thailand.

Upon arrival to Thailand, you have to file the application for Work Permit at the Ministry of Labor. Apart from the application form, you would be needing civil documents and company documents. The corporate documents will be provided to you by your prospective employer.

Civil documents:

  • application form
  • job description/ letter why the company hires a foreign employee
  • a map showing the location of the work place
  • valid passport with non-immigrant visa
  • resume of the applicant
  • medical certificate not older than 6 month from a recognized hospital in Thailand stating the blood type and that the applicant is of good mental and physical health
  • 6 pcs. photographs
  • If the applicant is married to a Thai national, the following documents should be added:
    • Marriage certificate
    • Spouse’s identity card and household registration
    • A copy of every page of the applicant’s passport

Corporate documents:

  • name of the director(s), the objections and registered capital
  • Shareholders List
  • Factory License (if any)
  • VAT Certificate
  • Withholding Tax

With regards to your visa, since you only have 90-day allowed stay, you have to do Visa Extension at the Immigration Bureau from 90-day to 1 year under the basis of employment. Visa and work permit needs to be renewed one year after from the date it was issued.

It would be a tedious process to collate all the documents for work permit application. If anything has been missed, this would result to denial of your application. Siam Legal is a trusted International Law Firm who could provide assistance on Immigration issues such as Work Permit application and Visa Issuance and Extension of Stay.


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